Hydroview Max Underwater Robotic Camera with Live Video Feed
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Hydroview Max Underwater Robotic Camera with Live Video Feed

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HydroView Max


The HydroView is a remote controlled underwater vehicle that can record live video and capture photos in HD. Driving with our innovative iPad or laptop applications, you can fly the HydroView through the water viewing the live video feed as if you were under the water yourself.

The HydroView Plus is a mini remote operated vehicle (ROV), includes the following:

LED lights, HD camera, 150 foot cable, Waterproof carrying case, Topside box which generates its own Wi-Fi, free download of the application to use on your iPad, PC or MAC computer


HydroView is the easiest ROV on the market to drive. Use the motion control feature on your iPad or keyboard controls on your laptop and the vehicle will respond in the appropriate direction. You can watch the HD video feed to perform inspections or explorations. Also, record the video to share with others or report important findings. In addition, there is no formal training required.


The backpack sized HydroView can easily be stored on your boat or in a response vehicle. Its compact design also allows the vehicle to fit in small access locations.


Why waste time and money to hire a diver when something under the water goes wrong? With this mini ROV, you can instantly inspect, evaluate and anticipate future problems you or your customers may encounter.


Imagine exploring the underwater world without getting wet. From the safety and comfort of topside, you can drive your own mini remote operated vehicle through the water. Inspect under your boat, check on your anchor, look for fish or simply explore.


Determine the necessary service needs of your customers quickly. Show them the maintenance required on their boat or record images/video of your findings to share later. The HydroView can also be used to inspect the condition of pier pilings or general marina conditions.


The HydroView is a cost effective solution for inspecting your nets, moorings and assessing your stock. All of this can be performed quickly and from the comfort of topside by a single operator. You can quickly discover morts or damage to your nets, saving you time and money.


Routine inspections of potable water tanks can be performed more efficiently with the HydroView. Backpack sized and battery power, it can be brought to the top of the tank with minimal effort. The HydroView fits through small access points and is easily controlled by a single user. You'll be able to inspect for leaks, corrosion, sediment levels and general condition of the tank. All images and videos can be saved and attached for reporting


The underwater world is a mystery to many because access to it has been difficult or expensive. The HydroView is a game changer by allowing students or museum visitors the opportunity to see what is happening below the waves without the need to dive in themselves.


Don't waste time or risk lives. HydroView can be used as a quick and safe way to survey a submerged scene. Quickly find out what is happening below the water before risking a diver. Once something is found, use the tether as a guide to the correct location.


HydroView Max Tech Specs



Range 150 ft. Cable (standard)
  150 ft. Cable (optional)
    200 ft. Cable (optional)


Memory 16 GB (standard)
  8 GB (optional)
    16 GB (optional)
    32 GB (optional)


Depth 150 ft. cable dependent


Speed Forward 5 kts.
  Reverse 1 kts.


Battery Run Time 2 hours
   Battery Recharge Time 16 hours


Camera Resolution: 1MP
   Auto Focus: 6'' to infinity
  Field of View: 66 degrees diagonal
  Image Sizes: WXGA(1280 x 800), True HD 720p (1280x720), VGA (640x480)


Lights Headlights (standard)


Optional Accessories 12V power supply (optional)
  Orientation Sensor (optional)
  Depth Sensor (optional)
  Temperature Sensor (optional)
  Propeller Covers (optional)
  Landing Gear/Buoyancy Mgmt. (optional)


Cable Weight 1.5 lb. Per 50 ft.


Operational Voltage 10 vdc


Color Safety Orange & Black


Weight 8 lbs


Dimensions Width: 14.6 in
  Length: 19 in.
  Height: 7 in.



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